Adding Users and Setting Auto-login

  1. Adding a domain user to the domain controller
  2. Adding a domain user to CloudShare


Configuring domain users is optional however necessary if you intend to want to set up different users on one virtual machine.   Before adding the user to the domain in the CloudShare user interface, the user must first be created in the virtual machine itself.

With a Windows Server machine, you can have multiple users log in at the same time via RDP to one machine.  Please note that as standard, Windows Server has only two TSclient licenses to allow this.  If you require more than two users to be able to access one machine at the same time, more TSclient licenses can be obtained from Microsoft.

When viewing a machine in Console mode, multiple users can share the screen and mouse/keyboard control at the same time.

  1. Adding a domain user to the domain controller

 On the Active Directory machine:












1.1    Create new user












1.2    Name new user












1.3    Provide password attributes


1.4    Click Finish


On the Domain User machine:


1.5    Go to control panel > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts

1.6    On the users tab, click Add…














1.7    Set user name and domain













1.8    Set permission level










1.9    Then navigate to user properties’ Advanced tab and click ‘Advanced’ under Advanced user management












1.10    Add the user to Remote Desktop Users





  1. Adding a domain user to CloudShare

Now we need to add that domain user in the CloudShare portal:

2.1    Make sure the user was already configured in the domain controller

2.2    Go to ‘Edit environments > Edit user & access’

2.3    Click ‘Manage users’

2.4    Click ‘manage users of this machine’s domain’

2.5    Click ‘Add user’ and add it’s properties
*Note 1: user needs to be added like this: “username” and not like this: “username@ad2008r2.loc
*Note 2: watch the notification – In order to be able to connect with the user via RDP the user needs to be in the “remote desktop group” in the current VM properties (it is not enough to have the user in the AD remote desktop group).
2.6    Configure the VM to use the above user (step 2.5) in auto-login

2.6.1    Go to ‘Edit environments > Edit user & access

2.6.2    Click on the relevant VM ‘auto login with user ”XXXXX’ link






2.7    Select the newly created user


2.8    Save changes

2.9    View the machine

2.10    Take a Snapshot of the environment